5 Tips for Controlling Printing Costs

One of the first questions we are asked by prospects who are considering print marketing is “What will it cost to ….” You can fill in the blank! Direct mail piece? Catalog? Brochure?

The truth is, asking for the cost of any printing project before offering the details is like asking the price of a new car before you give an agent the make and model of the vehicle you have in mind! Do you want a Honda or a Mercedes? Do you want the basic version or all the luxury add-ons? They might both be new cars, but there’s going to be a vast difference in price!

No good printing/marketing partner will provide you pricing without knowing the goal of the project and the details. No matter where you’re located in the greater Philadelphia are and beyond, here’s a little homework you can do prior to consulting with H.G. Services, Inc. to ensure you cover everything at the best possible price.

  1. Understand your market and carefully select your target audience.   This information is critical to the success of your project from every perspective. What graphics should you use? How will the message be crafted? What is the customer demographic? Is there a value-added component? Many clients initially like the shotgun approach, hoping to hit a wide audience and hoping their message will stick. A value-added partner like H.G. Services, Inc. will work with you to find the most appropriate target audience and secure a mailing list designed for only that target in order to help you keep printing, mailing and postage costs in check.
  2. Hone your message! The message is critical to attracting the response you want from your printed material. Be sure you are addressing the concerns and desires of the targeted audience by doing your research, and be sure you are timing it correctly if time is a factor. For example, sending a post card series selling commercial snow removal services is best started in June or July, not when the first flakes begin to fall. By the time the snow is falling, your prospects have already contracted with someone else!
  3. Determine the best delivery method for your message. How will you disseminate your message – targeted direct mail? EDDM? Trade show marketing? Presentation kit? Each of these factors will help you determine the quantity and quality of the printed marketing piece. Quantity and quality may differ dramatically with a change in the delivery system. For example, while a direct mail jumbo post card should look great and be substantial enough to attract attention, a presentation kit of pocket folder, inserts, etc. should be of high quality to project the right image for your firm. H.G. Services, Inc. can help determine the most cost effective paper, press and finishing purchases for your job.
  4. Know the quantity you’ll need. Multiple factors affect the quantity you’ll purchase, including the size of a mailing list, the number of addresses in a selected EDDM radius, how many visitors you expect at your trade show booth and for show follow-up, and how many you will need to cover your needs for a 3-month period. Ask H.G. Services, Inc. to help you calculate your needs to come up with a reasonable quantity. This will also help determine whether your piece is a good fit for digital or offset printing, whether special finishing and bindery is appropriate, and more.
  5. Involve your printing partner early! The sooner we are involved, the greater H.G. Services, Inc.’s ability to help you make the choices that will give you the greatest return on your marketing dollar investment. We can help craft and design your message to hit your audience demographic; determine whether co-op advertising funds might be available from your suppliers; help decide whether more expensive original photos are needed or good stock photography will be equally effective; help select paper choices that shave costs while keeping quality high; advise on postage rates, shipping, and much more.

Call on H.G. Services, Inc. When you want someone to get your message, you put it in their hands. We are your value-added printing resource, whether you’re in Langhorne, Doylestown, Philadelphia, PA or anywhere in the United States.