Direct Mail is hot!    

In the current marketing cycle, when e-mailboxes are full and cluttered, and traditional mailboxes are relatively empty, large and striking direct mail post cards offer a terrific opportunity to grab visibility, attention, and actual new customers!  Here are just a few facts regarding the effectiveness  of direct mail:

  1. Consumers continue to view mail as a highly relevant and significant part of their lives. (USPS Mail)
  2. Nearly 90% of consumers say they want to receive sales and promotions via direct mail and find offers in the newspaper. (Nielsen research)
  3. 85% of consumers sort through and read selected pieces of mail every day. (Research by Mail Print)

Every Door Direct Mail MarketingA most effective direct mail option, especially for firms attempting to reach a specific geographic area, is Every Door Direct Mail. This product is offered by the United States Post Office and allows businesses to reach every household in a selected set of zip codes and carrier routes.  Since the piece goes to every consumer or every business (you can choose to segregate this way), there is a huge savings on postage — about $.165 each for EDDM vs. $.47 for first class letters.

A dental practice was attempting to establish a new location, and had been spending the marketing budget primarily on newspaper advertising  and coupon-pack mailers. The dentist had a reasonable design and a very nice discounted offer.  The idea, of course, was that he would use the discounted product to draw customers in, and that they would love the practice so much they’d become regulars.  Although some work was generated, he found that prospects took advantage of the heavy discount, but he never saw them again.  The hoped-for conversion rate for was not materializing.

This client was also armed with 2 pieces of critical information. He knew what it cost him to acquire a new customer, and he also knew what a new customer is worth to him over the course of the relationship. These two bits of data allow him to analyze the success of any marketing plan: his print ads/coupon mailer tactics showed diminishing returns.

It was time for a new approach, and H.G. Services suggested EDDM.  We analyzed the targeted customer’s desires, preferences and expectations when choosing a dental practice.  We researched optimal prospect driving distances.  Then we designed a jumbo post card within the EDDM parameters that contained great graphics, just-right copy, and an offer that hit the “sweet spot” for our targeted customer base.  Then we researched the right zip codes and carrier routes that would yield the targeted customer profile.

After the first mailing, our client acquired 10 new families for his practice and was ecstatic with the result.  We mailed again, and additional appointments are being made as this is being written.

While the results may not sound like huge numbers, remember this key:  Our client knows what a customer is work to him over the course of the relationship!

If yours is a consumer focused business and is targeted to a specific geographic area, EDDM will work for you! USPS has very specific parameters in terms of sizes and layouts for how your EDDM Mailer must be designed, so it’s best to speak to an expert to:

  1. Determine the target market and the needs, preferences and expectations customers have of your type of business.
  2. Formulate an appealing offer by looking at it through your customer’s eyes. What does the recipient get when he responds to your offer?
  3. Develop an attractive mailer with good creative graphics and an uncluttered message.  Great design should connect with the audience to reinforce the persuasive power of your campaign.
  4. Carefully evaluate the Postal Zip codes and Carrier Routes that will yield the best prospects.  For instance, if you have a lawn care business, you might with to avoid carrier routes that include a large number of apartment buildings, condominiums or town homes.
  5. Time your mailing appropriately, especially if yours is a seasonal service or can be tied into a seasonal event.

The Postal Service has strict requirements and parameters for EDDM mailer design.  Your best course of action for the best return on your EDDM investment is to work with an expert.