Still Using That Slow Boat from China for Your Marketing Materials?

When talking with prospects, “What is a value-added printing resource?” is a frequently asked question.
This short case-study is a strong example of the answer to that question!

Sometimes, when H.G. Services makes a sales call to a larger company, we are told the firm buys much of its printed sales collateral from China, because “you can’t beat the pricing.”  Indeed, a quick internet search for “China printing suppliers” or “China print” will yield a large number of vendors offering low, low prices.
So it may seem like H.G. Services, Inc. vs. China is a mismatch in terms of competition in today’s marketplace — almost a “David & Goliath” story!  But our wide range of available print production options, value-added mind-set and dedication to providing print that performs for our customers makes H.G. Services, Inc. a player on this stage.

Yes, we recently “stole back” a customer who’d been buying catalogs in China!

We have been printing a specialty item for a local customer for three years, and have established our relationship as a trusted and valued supplier.  However, this firm’s main annual printing need is for a large, 4-color catalog, prices lists and an envelope in which to mail it all to their clients.  All of these items were being purchased in China, due mainly to the pricing.  But, because the lead time was so long from the time files were produced to the arrival of the catalogs in the United States, the book was only being printed every two years, and alternate years’ new products were promoted via sell sheets.

Our client analyzed sales in the years a catalog was produced vs. the years it wasn’t.  Not surprisingly, they found that sales suffered in those years that were catalog-free, so the sell sheets clearly were not doing the job it was hoped they would.  In addition, the product development cycle and the catalog production cycle also meant that the company was unable to have its main selling vehicles, the product catalog and current price list, available at its main trade show each year! Not an ideal selling situation for them.

H.G. Services asked for and received the opportunity to enter a proposal for this project.  Because of our expertise in paper, prepress, printing and finishing and our due diligence in making sure we could offer a high quality product cost-effectively, we were able to offer the client everything at a price where the savings realized by purchasing in China was quite small — and also quick delivery!

In addition:

  • they received 3-week delivery vs. 3-months of waiting, in time to make the show;
  • they received better quality paper (paper from China frequently is of noticeably lesser quality),
  • and they received better quality lithography.
  • Due to the page count, we also were able to provide 4 extra pages at no additional charge — and two of those pages constituted a perforated, pull-out order form, a feature they had long wanted but couldn’t get from the previous supplier!

Talk about a win-win scenario! It all starts with caring and communication. Asking lots of  questions to find out what’s important to you and offering ideas over and above the “bid spec” is a way of  life at H.G. Services, Inc.