Tips for Making Your Direct Mail Campaign Response-Worthy!

Direct mail marketers should know the 40-40-20 rule developed in the 1960’s by the grandfather and guru of direct marketing, Ed Mayer, a pioneer in the marketing world. Ed died in 1975, but more than 50 years later his formula still guides most of the world’s successful  marketing campaigns.

Mayer determined that 40% of success depends on targeting the right audience (mailing list), 40% depends on the Direct mailoffer you make to that audience (incentive to buy) and 20% depends on the creative execution (copy, design, color, paper stock, format, etc.).

Direct marketing was built on research and numbers crunching says Jon Faust, writing for Above the Fold magazine and applying Mayer’s formula to print advertising
Mayer’s  tried and true formula may be changing a bit as technology makes it more possible to use highly segmented data to define your audience.  Direct mail experts know that finding the right mailing list to target is crucial to success.  According to Ray Jutkins, writing for Presentation-Pointers, it may be time to revise the formula to 60-30-10!  His premise is that even if you have a fabulous offer and eye-catching creative, sending your package to the wrong audience practically guarantees failure!

When planning a direct mail campaign, follow these tips for success:

  1. Develop the right parameters for segmenting your audience!

There’s no point at all in spending money on reaching large numbers of folks who have no interest in your offer!  For example, if you are promoting a summer camp experience, you don’t want to reach every home in your market area!

Work to develop a list that targets a certain income level, geographic area, and households with children of appropriate ages.  You should know your target audience, and H.G. Services, Inc. can assist you in purchasing the best mailing lists for your purposes.

  1. Communicate a strong offer or reason to buy!

Look at your offer through your target audience’s eyes.  What is your customer looking for, and how are you providing exactly what they want or need? Using the summer camp example, are your teachers/counselors certified?  Do you have a swimming pool available?  Will there be plenty of outdoor experiences?  Field trips?  How does your pricing stack up against other providers? Make your product stand out from your competitors and provide your target with incentive to act now.  Not next month or next year.  Now.

  1. Create an appealing mailer with good creative and an uncluttered message!

Great design should serve as an extension of the offer and connect with the audience to reinforce the persuasive power of your campaign.  Keep you layouts clean and relevant, and don’t puff up your message with  grandiose claims.

  1. Time your campaign appropriately!

Timing is critical to the success of many direct mail campaigns.  If you are promoting enrollment in a summer camp,
January is a great time to get started.  If you’re a snow removal company, August is a great time to start promoting your business to those contracting for the following winter.  IF you’re a lawn care firm, February is the time your prospects will be thinking about using their outdoor living space.

Let the experts at H.G. Services, inc. help you reach the right audience with the right offer and great creative resources.  Call today for a consultation!