Tips for Trade Show Marketing Success!

January is a time when many firms are planning the finishing touches for their spring trade show appearances, looking for ways to put best face forward.  For many, this means creating on-site Show Special promotions, developing new sales collateral, and finding that “just right” advertising specialty item.

This is a great time to get your print partner involved in the process! A marketing-minded and value-added service-oriented assist can make a positive difference to your presentation and the sales it generates.

1. Start the invitation process early!
Identify your most important customers and prospects, and consider using direct mail to reach them several weeks in advance of the show, and use some creativity!  You might offer a special gift to those who register for a private demonstration, or an incentive to purchase while actually at the show.  Have your sales staff follow up with personal telephone invitations, then an invitation e-mail a few days before show opening. Multiple touches with a strong message boost booth traffic!

2. Review your sales collateral material. 
All too often, companies simply pack up whatever is available and plan to hand it to prospects at the show booth. Trade show materials should be specific and relevant to the event. Are you introducing a new product?  Offering special pricing or deals at the show?
Make sure your literature reflects your message with both text and graphics!

Your handouts should supply your booth sales staff with all the necessary resources to represent your company and products well, while at the same time they are attempting to qualify prospects, determine motivation, and manage a diverse audience.

Remember, too, that printed literature helps booth visitors be sure they have a good
understanding of the information you offer, and they take away a tangible reminder of your products’ benefits and features.

3. Select your Ad Specialties Carefully!
Planning your promotion and selecting the right advertising specialty takes forethought and work if it’s to be productive.  Keep your show display theme firmly in mind, because the theme is what ties your promotion to your product and makes it memorable.

Are you simply trying to get attention at the show?  Then, use an attention getter!  This can be anything obviously visible, from a balloon to a hat to a great looking bag for literature.  But if you want longer term share of mind, choose an item that is more useful and practical.  These are more likely to be retained, keeping your message in front of that customer over time.

Savvy marketers are looking for more exciting options than pens and mugs.  Today’s   offerings embrace technology with imprintable mini phone charging stations, uploadable business card-style USB drives, RFID protective sleeves for credit cards, and much more.

Your trade show presence is a huge investment!  Let H.G. Services, Inc. help you market yourself effectively and increase your bottom line! No matter your budget or location nationwide, we can assist with graphic design, copy, sales literature and ad specialties that will make your presence known and memorable.